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Bridging across medical device development

 There are many excellent technologies in Japan. However, considering whether it is delivered to the clinical site, it is only a part. Many of companies do not know how to commercialize them. Matching between technology and medical side demands is not well organized and most of projects give up on the way of commercialization. Even if products are successfully commercialized in Japan, overseas expansion are limited. There are also differences in medical needs and prices by country, but there are many cases where the establishment of a sales channel has not been successful.

 Meanwhile, there are many medical device manufacturers overseas, but most of them are not introduced in Japan. Even for overseas manufacturers, selection of distributors in Japan to apply for regulatory applications is a very heavy burden, and product launch in Japan often took a delay from other countries.

 Medical device is an indispensable tool that can be a common language for Japanese and international doctors. UMIDAS will be a bridge for medical device development, assisting overseas expansion and introduction to Japanese market .

 We will nurture UMIDAS into nice company that patients, doctors, co-medical, families, and everyone else can say "We love UMIDAS."

CEO Kohei Kakuno

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